32 Books & Gallery: A Literary Event Without the Line-ups

I’m not sure who had more fun at the first annual Authors for Indies last year – the authors, our customers or our bookstore staff! We are delighted to be hosting twice as many authors for 2016 and expect another enthusiastic response from our customers who thoroughly enjoyed the casual atmosphere and the chance to chat with some of their favourite writers without the hoopla or line-ups that are often par for the course at literary events. We added in some coffee and cookies in the morning, wine and cheese in the afternoon, and voila… what more could a bibliophile want?

Authors for Indies is an event that is particularly dear to my heart. After attending a booksellers’ conference in Seattle a couple of years ago I was determined to do my best to bring a version of the American Indie’s First campaign (initially started by author Sherman Alexie) north of the border. I chatted about it with staff and a few other interested humans and then I corralled author Janie Chang when she stopped in to sign books one day. We had some meetings, did some brainstorming, and then Janie took it from there and I’m thrilled at the success of this wonderful event.  

Our author list for 2016  includes:

Cathie Borrie ~ The Long Hello: Memory, My Mother & Me

Mark Winston ~ Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive ~ GG Winner 2015

Grant Lawrence ~ The Lonely End of the Rink ~ Adventures in Solitude ~ BC Book Prize Winner 2011

Michael Harris ~ End of Absence: Reclaiming What We’ve Lost in a World of Constant Connection ~ GG Winner 2014

Claudia Casper ~ The Mercy Journals ~ Continuation of Love ~ The Reconstruction

David J. Smith ~ If: A Mind-Bending Way of Looking ~ If the World Were a Village ~ This Child, Every Child

Karry Karrum ~ Four Degrees Celcius ~ Death Wins in the Arctic

Jacquie Bateman ~ Savour ~ Nondescript Rambunctious

Cindy Graves ~ CareyOn: The true story of a young love that tore a family apart

Rafe Mair ~ I Remember Horsebuns ~ Radio Daze

32 Books & Gallery is one of the few truly independent bookshops in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area that continues to flourish. We sell new books in all genres and we read the books we sell. Our staff (shepherded by manager, Joseph Stewart) has an amazing depth of knowledge about all things literary and boasts over 100 combined years as professional booksellers! 32 Books & Gallery hosts a monthly book club and you will often see our staff at book launches, schools, charity fund raisers and literary events. We support our book offerings with local art and hand-crafted jewellery as well as an eclectic selection of unusual greeting cards and gifts. We are so very grateful for our exceptionally loyal customers and for the writers who share their wonderful stories with us. We look forward to welcoming readers and writers together on Saturday April 30th for the 2nd annual Authors for Indies!


32 Books & Gallery

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