Curiosity House Books: A Special Day for the Community

When most people think of Creemore, they think ‘great beer’. It’s true – we do have great beer. But it’s also a great small town. Chances are more people have heard of the beer than the town. And with a population of 1300, it’s not that surprising. But there’s a lot going on in this tiny valley.

We have a historic main street filled with shops, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, and of course, the brewery. People often find themselves visiting for the day and dreaming up ways they can stay forever. And that’s exactly what happened to us years ago. Two city dwellers, with three kids in tow, plotting our country escape, happen upon this charming town, with its friendly folk and a fantastic bookstore. Every time we passed through town, we couldn’t help but pay a visit to Curiosity House Books & Gallery. We always found something special to take away with us and help make our trip memorable. So upon hearing that the bookstore was looking for new owners we dreamt up ways of how those new owners could be us.

Could we really move to the country and be booksellers? The answer then, and now, is an emphatic YES! And we couldn’t be happier. It’s been a great life decision not only for us, but for our kids, and we’ve become a part of this community that we love so much. Our first year with Curiosity House Books was also the store’s 20th anniversary. Imagine that - 20 years as an independent bookstore in a small town – not just surviving, but thriving, thanks to its patrons.  

It’s the people in this town that keep the store alive and well, so it was fitting that the 1st Authors for Indies coincided with our 20th year anniversary celebration. And what a celebration we had. It was such a special day, not only for us, but for the community. We all gathered together with local authors such as Dan Needles, Catherine Gildiner, Cecily Ross, as well as Claire Cameron and Nicole Lundrigan, past and original owners of the store, patrons, both new and regulars, the Mayor, and we had cake while the bagpipes played, literally.  We were all celebrating, not just our indie store, but all indie stores in general. In the words of Pat and Chris Raible who first opened the doors to Curiosity House 20 years ago, ‘we opened on April Fool’s Day, as everyone thought we were fools to open a bookstore here, so it was fitting’ but here we are, 20 years later, still standing.

And we can’t wait to celebrate another great year with a fantastic lineup of authors on April 30th for the 2nd Authors for Indies Day. Come visit us, you’ll be glad you did. And while you’re here, treat yourself to a pint of that great beer.

178 Mill Street
Box 1190
Creemore, ON
L0M 1G0