Kevin Sylvester's Art - The Reveal !!

20 Lucky Customers Will Win Signed Copies of This Adorable Original Print!

Authors for Indies is only 10 days away, so it's a good time for The Reveal. What does Kevin Sylvester's original artwork look like? Well, it's very Canadian. It's also filled with woodland creatures. books, and a rather unique bookstore! Scroll to the end of this blog to take a look! 

And here's what Kevin Sylvester has to say about booksellers: 

"My book MINRS2 is dedicated to booksellers. Why? Because they are the amazing people who will say to a reader "you might like this book", and then they'll HAND IT TO THEM. They know the books. They talk to the readers. This is a personal miracle that no algorithm is ever going to replicate.

I wanted to reflect that sense of fun and joy (and personal taste) in my artwork for Authors For Indies Day. And I hope you'll join me and other authors when we try our hand at helping you pick the book that's perfect for you."

Thank you, Kevin! Thank you, Simon & Schuster.

Booksellers, please make sure you are familiar with the Kevin Sylvester Signed Print contest details. For contest posters featuring this artwork, log in and take a look at RESOURCES|Promotional.