A Message from Guy Gavriel Kay

Tue, 01/19/2016 - 13:12 -- admin

Hello booklovers coast to coast across Canada,

Yes, I'm channeling a memory of early Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts with that salutation. But I want to suggest that our independent bookstores can matter as much to us, in our own neighbourhoods, as slap shots and power plays.

Local indie bookstores are islands of light and knowledge in the communities lucky enough to still have them. We can walk in and be surrounded by the words and thoughts and images of centuries - or of this week. The best things humankind has written, or the funniest, sexiest, most timely and informative, most keep-you-up-at-night. All of the above.

So, if we support independent bookstores we aren't doing so as a benevolent act, we are doing it for ourselves, our children, our neighbourhoods, the richness of community life.

I'm asking you to do that on April 30th. Join me and hundreds of authors (almost 700 last year!) for the second Authors for Indies Day. Writers across Canada will be at indie bookstores throughout the day, volunteering as guest booksellers, sharing the books they've loved as readers, the ones they think you must read. Come find us, let's talk, and in doing so offer our support for the bookstores that help define our neighbourhoods.

It is a win for all of us, and a lot of fun, too.


Guy Gavriel Kay

(c) 2016 Guy Gavriel Kay. Photo credit: Samantha Kidd

Guy Gavriel Kay is the author of twelve novels (with a thirteenth, Children of Earth and Sky to appear in 2016), and a book of poetry. He has written book reviews and social and political commentary for the National Post and the Globe and Mail in Canada, the Washington Post in the USA, and The Guardian in England. Translations of his fiction exceed twenty-five languages and his books have appeared on bestseller lists in many countries. Kay has spoken and read on behalf of his publishers and at literary events around the world. He was been nominated for and has won numerous literary awards and is the recipient of the International Goliardos Prize for his contributions to the literature of the fantastic. In 2014 he was named to the Order of Canada.