Reva Seth: Unsung Heroes of the Written Word

When I daydream about career paths not taken or ones I could do down the road, the fantasy of owning my own indie bookstore always comes to mind.

There’s something so utterly soothing about being surrounded by shelves and shelves of books (and stationary! My store would have lots of great pens, journals and notepads).  I think it would be so fulfilling in a day’s work to recommend to people the book that they didn’t know they wanted or needed until they stepped inside your store.... 

Quite simply, I love independent book stores because I love the people who start and run them: people who are in it for the love of sharing ideas and stories with their communities; for highlighting the books that might otherwise get missed or forgotten and who live for the magic of matching the right person to the exact book they need at that moment in their life.

Indie book store owners are unsung heroes of the written word (since I know my romantic day dreams of indie bookstore life are nothing like the reality): managing cash flow, carving out a niche in a ruthless, disrupted industry, and all the other ups and downs of being a small business owner.  

The magic of indies is that, despite all of these challenges, every person working at every indie I’ve ever stepped into exudes love and respect for the enterprise of independent bookselling.  And that’s something we should all celebrate on April 30th!

© 2016 Reva Seth

Reva is a Senior Associate at progressive think tank Canada 2020 and the best selling author of two non-fiction books. Her most recent, The MomShift Women Share Their Stories of Career Success After Children (Random House: Feb 2014) was described by The Globe & Mail as a "Brash new take on Working Moms."  

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