A Thank You to Literary Festivals

Our PR manager Robin Rivers comes up for air just long enough to blog about digital connections and the generosity of Canada's literary festivals.

Public relations and marketing in this digital age seems like it should be an easy win every time.

Craft a message. Put it out there - and the people will, of course, have access to it on every platform. Then, they come out to a great event such as Authors For Indies and invite all of their friends on Facebook along the way.

It turns out that our increased ease of accessing information via the Internet has actually made it more challenging to reach the very people who we know would love AFI. Connecting with people digitally is tough.

That said, I have to laugh a bit. Smartphones and every other sort of mobile distraction are the devil of writers and readers. Getting people off of their phones and into local, independent booksellers to create deeper, long-lasting connections is our biggest hurdle. Yet, as we went about working through marketing strategies for AFI 2017, connecting digitally to people who already cherish the Canadian literary community is where we landed.

With that, the talented Karen Lee and I set about reaching out to the literary festivals and annual writerly events that take place North of 49 to establish new partnerships that provide - you guessed it - digital connection.

Festival response to supporting Authors For Indies through social media posts and newsletter insertions has proved tremendous. It turns out that we are all looking for opportunities to deepen those bonds that the written word has created between us.

This week is a biggie in terms of literary festivals sharing their enthusiasm for AFI 2017. So, if you subscribe to one of the many literary festival newsletters or social media feeds, keep your eyes peeled for write-ups on AFI events in your province or community.

Also, if you are so moved, please consider sharing Facebook posts and Tweets from the Authors For Indies Facebook page and Twitter feed or from you fave Canadian literary festival. Be sure to tag all of your posts with #AFI2017 so that we can see and share them too.

We here at Authors For Indies are sending out big love and appreciation to the following organizations for helping us create those deeper digital connections. We are making the world a better place, one independent Canadian bookseller at a time. Thank you to: 

British Columbia
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick