Bibliobroads: The Parody Video

It is with strong reservations that we link to the AFI 2016 Bibliobroads Parody Video. It should come with a health warning :-)

Not only has Team Bibliobroads (aka Kelly Beers and Julie Maynard) contributed a guest blog on behalf of Furby Books, they've also cheerfully dropped all pretense of dignity and made this parody video to celebrate Authors for Indies. These ladies are tireless (and shameless) cheerleaders of all things to do with independent bookstores and books. 

Big thanks and hugs to the Bibliobroads and everyone they conned into making this video:

  • Kelly Beers
  • Alex Byers
  • Leota Dewell
  • Ed Greenwood
  • Joelann Irving
  • Julie Maynard
  • Jill Tanaka
  • Somebody's husband, only known as 'Marcus'