Official 2016 Authors for Indies Video !

Meet some of the booksellers and authors who will be greeting you at an indie bookstore on April 30 - and watch to the end to meet our special guest author!

Mega thanks to all the authors and to the bookstores who made their spaces available for filming. Thank you KOVE Productions for your creativity and generosity in supporting Authors for Indies.

Directed and Edited by : Sam Alex Kay, KOVE Productions

Music by: Spencer Creaghan

Cast  (in order of appearance):

Book Warehouse Main Street, Vancouver: bookseller Mary-Ann Yazedjian, author Janie Chang

Bryan Prince Bookseller, Hamilton: bookseller Tracey Higgins, author Gary Barwin

Ella Minnow Children's Bookstore, Toronto: bookseller Heather Kuipers, author Teresa Toten

Blue Heron Books, Uxbridge: bookseller Shelley Macbeth, author Andrew Pyper

Author Lawrence Hill

Other credits:

Ontario author-and-bookstore-wrangler: author Kate Hilton (aka Deputy Control Freak and Production Chauffeur)

Vancouver crew: Geoff Chambers, Karry Eilers, James Tyler Irvine


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